What is the difference between “Press & Pre-Sell”, “Funding” and “Sell Back Catalog”?

There are three different types of projects you can create on QRATES.

01.''Funding'' Project :

A funding project must first reach the desired amount of pre-orders to move to the pressing stage. If your project doesn't reach its goal, then the vinyl won't be pressed and your fans will not be charged.

02.''Press & Sell'' Project :

Press&Sell project requires you to pay for your vinyl pressing fee first. Once the fee is paid, you will be able to gather pre-orders from fans through QRATES website while the vinyl is being pressed.

03.''Sell Catalog'' Project :

Sell Catalog lets you sell vinyl that you already have in stock directly to fans at the price you think is the best. You will be responsible for shipping the records to your fans.


To create a new project, log into your QRATES artist dashboard, open the dropdown menu under ''For Artist'' tab. (see screenshot)

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