What are Combined shipping and Separate shipping?

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You can choose between Combined Shipping and Separate Shipping on your final checkout page when you have multiple Pre-order or Sell Catalog items in your shopping cart.

For Crowdfunding items, these shipping options are not available.

About Combined Shipping

Multiple Pre-order and Sell Catalog items can sometimes be combined into the same shipment. This can help to reduce the total shipping fees of your order. Items from multiple projects can be combined into one single shipment if your order meets the following criteria:

  1. Multiple items are placed using the same user account
  2. The items are being shipped to the same address.
  3. Items from each project are located at the same Qrates Shipping Center.  For example, items from the Qrates UK shipping center can be only be combined with other items from the Qrates UK shipping center, and items from the Qrates US shipping center can only be combined with other items from the Qrates US shipping center.
If you select Combined Shipping, your order will be shipped when the item with the latest shipping date becomes available for shipping.  For example, if your Combined Shipping order contains a Pre-order item and a Sell Catalog item, your order will ship only once the Pre-order item is pressed and ready for shipping.

About Separate Shipping

Separate Shipping orders are shipped as soon as possible once the ordered item is available in stock. Occasionally, multiple Sell Catalog items that are located in the same Qrates Shipping Center may be shipped as a single package. In such instances, you will be charged the lesser, combined shipping rate for these shipments. For example, if your Separate Shipping order contains 2 Sell Catalog items from the same shipping center and 1 Pre-order item, the 2 Sell Catalog items will be shipped together as one single package and you will be charged a lesser shipping rate than if the 2 Sell Catalog items were sent in 2 individual shipments.

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