What's the difference between 33 and 45rpm?

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Vinyl records sound better if they are cut at higher speeds. The higher the rpm, the faster the vinyl passes under the playback stylus. This means that for each second of playback more sound information goes from the stylus to your speakers at 45rpm than 33rpm.  Through this process, records cut at 45rpm can sound more detailed and run a lower risk of distortion, noise, and other sonic artifacts that can occur during vinyl pressing than records cut at 33rpm.

We recommend ordering records cut at 45 rpm for the best possible sound quality.  That said, due to the higher rotation speed the available playing time per side is shorter than 33rpm.  See our recommendations for each format and their ideal play time below (values are for one side):

Vinyl Size / Speed












As a note, during the pressing process our pressing plant may suggest that you change the RPM of your record due to technical limitations or to improve the sound quality of the pressing. When this happens, we will provide you with our pressing plant's notes and ask you to confirm which speed you would like your record cut at.

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