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We always recommend to all our clients to have the vinyl masters done by a professional engineer with experience with this format.

The ear and experience of a mastering engineer cannot be matched by following even the best of guidelines.

We have teamed up with Color Sound Studio in Paris to offer you professional mastering that you can add to your press orders or funding projects on Qrates.

We understand that budgets can be tight for musicians these days, so we’ll give a few tips about mastering for vinyl, in case there are needed:

  1. Leave headroom in your mixes and avoid the use of brickwall limiters on your mixes or masters
    The lacquer cutter can turn the overall level up or down going to the cutting lathe, so overall volume is not really a major consideration when prepping masters for vinyl, heavy limiting will cause some distortion issues.
  2. Do not mix hi-hats and cymbals too loud. They will cause distortion and might need heavy limiting during the cutting process
  3. Always center your bass frequencies. Drums, bass guitar and low synths need to be in the center of the stereo image

If there are any major issues with your masters, we will contact you with a detailed explanation before doing the cutting process.

Please note that it will delay the pressing and that in cases like this we might not be able to guarantee the turn around time.

Recommended Track length per side for each vinyl size:

[12" Vinyl]

33rpm 19:30

45rpm 14:30

[10" Vinyl]

33rpm 13:30

45rpm 10:00

[7" Vinyl]

33rpm 7:00

45rpm 5:00

*Please don't exceed more than 10% of the recommended length.

*For best results we recommend 45rpm for all Vinyl pressing.

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