What happens if a backer's payment fails?

Updated 2 years ago by Support Team

When a backer's payment cannot be collected, we send those backers a notification email with instructions on how to fix their billing issue every 2 days for a week from the project's end date until they complete the payment.

Backers with failed payments will have 7 days from the project's end date to update their payment method. If these backers do not fix their billing issue, they will be dropped from the campaign, their order(s) will be cancelled, and it will no longer be possible for them to receive the record.

If you would like to send these backers an individual or bulk message with a reminder to fix their billing issue, you can sort your orders by "Payment failed" on the Manage orders page (Login > Menu > Manage orders).

If the pressing costs for your project cannot be collected, you will have 14 days from the project's end date to self purchase the remaining copies in order to proceed to the pressing step. Otherwise, the project and all orders will be canceled after 14 days.

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