How to set your wholesale price?

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You can set your own wholesale price when you choose to use Qrates Store Delivery service. There is no upper limit to the price that you can set, but there is a minimum price you can set which differs for each project.

The price you set will likely affect your order numbers. We find that there’s a decline in the wholesale purchases of your record as the wholesale price increases. Below are some average wholesale prices as well as a few tips for setting your wholesale price. 

Setting your Wholesale Price

Setting a wholesale price requires a delicate balance between price and the total number of wholesale orders you would like. If the wholesale price of a record is too high, buyers tend to not place orders. On the other hand, if the price is too low you may not receive any profits.

As a guideline, here are the current average wholesale prices for our store partners.

Please note that you cannot set wholesale prices lower than the actual manufacturing price plus 10% commission.

Store Delivery 
Average Wholesale Price (Per Unit)



EP / 7inch


EP / 10・12inch


LP / 12inch 


※ Please be aware this is just an example

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