How to set your wholesale price?

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When you choose Qrates Store Delivery service, you can set your own wholesale price, we don't have any strong rules other than a minimum price which differs for each project.

However, the price you set will likely affect your order numbers. What we generally find is that there’s a fairly sharp decline in the graph between price and sales. So to encourage record buyers to buy your work, we are happy to recommend average wholesale prices as well as give a few tips.


Setting your Wholesale Price

We understand that all the artists want to set the highest price possible. Please keep in mind that it is a business, record buyers have standards and their own rules for wholesale prices. If the price is too high, buyers tend to not order. If the price is too low, you will not receive profits or be able to pay for pressing and handling fee.


As a guideline, here are the current average wholesale prices at our store partners.

Store Delivery 
Average Wholesale Price (Per Unit)

 Vinyl Price(Euro)     
 EP / 7inch €4.70
 EP / 10・12inch     €5.30
 LP / 12inch  €9.40

※ Please be aware this is just an example

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