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Along with your artwork and audio files, you will need to submit a complete track list with your master containing the names of all tracks (including the hidden and bonus tracks), track timings and their separation into side A and side B, the total time of each side. 

Please download the tracklist here, fill in all the information, put it in the audio and artwork zip and submit it through your project dashboard.

If you cannot use excel, please make some kind of a legible text file with the below information included and put it in a zip file.

  • Artist Name
  • Release Title
  • Catalog Number
  • Speed (33/45rpm)
  • Track Number / Title / Duration / Start and End Time / Silence Between Tracks / Audio File Name 

i.g. A side: Track 01 / Title - Example / Duration - 04:33 / Start - 00:00 / End - 04:33 / Silence - 2 sec. / File Name - example_track01.wav 

*Usually silence between tracks is 0 - 2 sec. Select 0 sec if the silence has already included in the track file itself.

Please carefully check if the data on the track list (number of tracks, track order, names and timings on each side) corresponds with the master, the label and cover artwork (and other printed parts - inserts, posters).

Feel free to inform us of any special effects or anomalies etc. Any orders without a complete track list will be refused for production.

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