What is the Self purchase option?

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Qrates offers artists and labels the option of purchasing their vinyl directly from their crowdfunding projects at pressing cost anytime during the funding period.

The benefits of Self Purchasing records include:

  1. Store and sell later: Securing inventory, adding inventory to Qrates Storage, and continuing to sell on Qrates at the pre-order and/or retail price that you decide.
  2. Hold a select number of records to keep yourself to sell at gigs or local shops
  3. Self-purchase the remaining number of records to successfully close your funding project 

How to self-purchase my crowdfunding project?

To self-purchase, simply go to:

Login > Go to your project page > Self purchase button

We highly recommend selecting 'Qrates Storage' in the Delivery type section when you self-purchase your records. This makes it possible for you to keep your records at Qrates Shipping Center at no charge, and continue to sell them as a Press and Sell project through Qrates.

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