What is the difference between “Pre-Order”, “Crowdfunding” and “Press Only”?

Updated 5 months ago by Support Team

There are three types of projects you can create on Qrates.

  1. Crowdfunding project :

    A crowdfunding project must first reach its goal amount of pledges in order to start pressing.  If your project doesn't reach its goal, records are not pressed and your backers will not be charged.
  2. Pre-Order project :

    Pre-order projects require you to pay for your vinyl pressing fee first. Once the fee is paid, you will be able to gather pre-orders from customers through your project page while the vinyl is being pressed.  
  3. Press Only project :

    With press only projects, you can order your vinyl pressing without publishing a crowdfunding or pre-order on Qrates.  Additionally, you can decide whether to have your records shipped to 1 address or to multiple.  


To create a new project, either click "Start a project" in the header section of our top page, or log into your Qrates artist dashboard, and click the green "Start a new project" button.

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