What is "Also sell in Digital, Order Bonus, Free Download"?

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Each term below represents how you want to distribute your music.

For digital purchase:

This option allows you to sell in digital format the music you plan to press on vinyl in a pre-order or crowdfunding project.

Currently, this option is only available for the entire album or ep, it isn't possible to sell/buy individual tracks.

Order bonus:

This option allows you to offer a free digital download track as a bonus to fans who bought or pre-ordered the record.

You can either offer the tracks from your vinyl release or a track not present in the vinyl release.

This option also allows you to make the tracks from your vinyl release available to the fans by the download cards you can get inserted in your records.

How it works

  1. When a fan pre-orders or buys a record from Qrates, an automatic message will be sent that will confirm the purchase and contain a link to download the order bonus tracks. [*Order Bonus Download URL]
  2. The users that have created an account on Qrates website can navigate to the project page of the record they have purchased and after logging into the site will be able to download the Order Bonus track anytime.
  3. *For non-Qrates users, they'll receive the [*Order Bonus Download URL] with a security feature implemented and the URL will stop working in 3 days after the purchase. If they didn't have time to download the bonus in time, they'll need to contact Qrates support team.

Free download:

This option allows you to make audio files in digital format available for free download which means anyone who visited the page can download the tracks.

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