What is a copyright declaration?

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The copyright declaration is a document that you have to complete with your every order. This is an official document that allows you to explain who is the owner of the copyrights for recording and/or materials that you want to reproduce with Qrates. In short, we need to know if the recording and/or materials that you are using are covered and protected by any organization of BIEM (e.g. SACEM, GEMA, NSB, OSA).

The Supplier is also entitled at its absolute discretion to require further reasonable evidence, the reasonableness of which shall be determined exclusively by the Supplier, that the Customer possesses all the relevant rights and licenses regarding any copyright or any other intellectual property right of any third party.

If your funding project succeeds, we will ask you to fill in the copyright declaration which could be downloaded from here, and submit it with your audio/artwork zip.

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