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Qrates now offers the ability to repress your project using the same master stamper as the first pressing. Repress projects include a cheaper repress fee instead of the cutting fee that all first press projects have. The normal turnaround time for repress is 5-7 weeks. Please see the following article for the most up to date information regarding manufacturing and shipping delays related to covid-19: COVID-19 Update on Qrates

How do I create a repress project?

  1. Go to the dashboard of the project that you want to repress
  2. Click the Menu bar and select REPRESS
  3. Set up the new project details and click SAVE
  4. If you could please let us know that your project is a repress in the dashboard, that would be awesome!
If you'd like to change any vinyl specs such as vinyl color, quantity, or type of sleeve, please click 1.Your vinyl on the top of the first page after you click 'Repress'.
As we will be repressing using the same master lacquer as the first pressing, you will not be able to add any additional tracks.

Repress Fee for Single Vinyl

41.60 EUR / 47.84 USD / 5,824 JPY / 33.28 GBP

Repress Fee for Double Vinyl

83.2 EUR / 95.68 USD / 11,648 JPY / 66.56 GBP

*Regardless of quantity

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