What is a repress request?

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For Customers

When a project is no longer available for order, customers can request a repressing by clicking on the "vote for a repress" button on the project homepage. This notifies the artist of their fans interest in a repressing.

By clicking on "vote for a repress" users can let an artist know they want a second pressing of a project that is currently unavailable for order.  Users can also see how many other customers have requested a repress.

How many votes are needed for a repress?

Ultimately the decision to offer a repress is at the artist's discretion. However, Qrates offers cheaper pressing fees and faster turnaround time for repress projects. Artists: For more information on how to create a repress project, please check out the following article.

How will I know when a repress is available?

If an artist decides to offer a repressing, customers will be notified by email. Notification will also be sent if additional copies from the first pressing become available for order.

Can I message the artist directly about additional copies?

At the moment customers can only vote for a repressing and cannot contact artists directly.

For Artists

A repress request is a notification tool for Qrates users. It gives fans a simple way to ask for a repressing of a project that is no longer available for purchase.

I want to sell more records from a previous project, what do I do?

Check out the "Repress at Qrates" article for details.

Fans are asking for a repress, how do I get in touch with them?

At the moment there is no way to message users directly, but if your project is repressed or goes on sale again, users will be notified.

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