How do you process the cutting for vinyl?

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We have two types of processing:

DMM processing (Direct Metal Mastering):

This is the standard option and is highly recommended. In this process, metal/copper plates have grooves cut into them. The galvanic procedure that follows is not as complicated as the process for lacquers, and we can make stampers/matrixes directly from these plates, which can then be used for pressing.

Lacquer processing:

This is where lacquer foils (aluminium plates that have been coated with a layer of lacquer material) are used for cutting your grooves. Alternatively, you can send us your own ready-cut lacquers. The procedure of processing lacquers is more complicated than DMM and involves a very risky and complicated galvanic procedure. We need to make an original, then a mother, and then stampers/matrixes can be produced. Due to the complicated nature of the galvanics there is a small chance that the lacquer can get damaged, which would mean that a new lacquer would be to be needed to make the stampers. The complicated nature of this procedure means that we cannot guarantee perfect results from each and every lacquer, and it may be necessary to pay for and produce another lacquer.

If you wish to process your vinyl cutting using a lacquer, please contact us directly.

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