How to prepare data for vinyl pressing

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I thought I've uploaded the tracks when I launched the project.  Why do I need to do it again?

You will be required to submit us a final version of your audio files in a zip file along with the artwork and tracklist information.  (Check the link for templates)

Although we can press your audio file prepared for a digital release, we highly recommend that you send us audio files that have been professionally mastered specifically for vinyl for the best possible outcome for your vinyl release. 

For details regarding mastering, please refer to this article

What are the audio requirements?

We accept high-resolution WAV or AIFF files – the most optimal resolution and format are to provide one continuous WAV file per side at 96 kHz / 24-bit (we support audio from 44.1kHz / 16-bit up to 192 kHz / 32-bit).

You can send us audio files peaking near 0 dBFS, but not too close to 0 dBFS. Please leave some small headroom around 0.1-0.5dB.

Please note it is better not to use hard-limiters (brick-wall, peak limiters) to a great extent. We have to reduce the cutting levels if there are a lot of limited sections in the supplied audio.


How do I submit my audio files?

Please send it in a single zip via the uploader that we provide on your project page.
Make sure you name the audio files so that they clearly indicate on which side and track number the audio goes to.
e.g. A1 Example.wav, B2 Sample.wav

Within your audio zip please also include your track lists to confirm the music that you will be pressing.
If you are not sure about this, you can download the track list template here.


How should I prepare my artwork files?

Please download the templates from here. Place your design on the template and delete the template lines when you submit them.

Requirements for printing and for printed materials:

  1. Provide CMYK color mode files for full-color printing
  2. Provide grayscale color mode files for 1K (black and white ) printing
  3. All documents provided must have a minimum 300DPI in actual size resolution pixel/inch. (color images and images in grayscale – minimum 300DPI / black and white images (line art) – minimum 800DPI)
  4. Maximum ink coverage = 320% (Deep Black: C70% -% M70 - J70% - N100%).
  5. Be sure to outline and vectorize all images and fonts.
  6. Always add minimum 3mm cutting bleed on each outer edge.
  7. Remove any ICC profiles from your artwork.
  8. Remove transparency from your artwork.
  9. Remove all template lines.
  10. Files to be converted to PDF format

Note: There is no need to leave a hole on your label designs. 

    IMPORTANT: Always follow the technical specifications required for print in order to avoid any mistake and get your record pressed as soon as possible.


I thought I've uploaded my artwork when I created the project.  Why do I need to do it again?

We need your artwork in a pdf matched with the 1:1 template in order to print your design.

How do I submit my artwork files for print?

Please send them in a single zip file using the uploader we provide at your project page.  Make sure the file name clearly indicates what each pdf will be for.  e.g. Label_Aside.pdf, Sleeve.pdf


Can I check if my submitted artwork is OK to print?

Yes, we will send you the preview file (DPA) for your confirmation.  Once you accept this file, pressing will begin.  The preview file will have the template line with it, but it will not be printed on your sleeve and label.

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