How long is the pressing turnaround time?

Updated 11 months ago by Support Team

Our pressing turnaround time is approximately 8-10 weeks from the day we’ve received approval of all files for manufacturing.

  • If you ordered a test press, add another 1-2 weeks on to your total turnaround time. This accounts for the test press manufacturing plus another 1 week for shipping until you receive the test pressing vinyl.

People often face difficulties when making a vinyl order. Please make sure to get your order in well in advance of any deadlines. We will not be responsible for missed deadlines etc. If you have a fixed release date, it is your responsibility to plan at least several months in advance.

Please note that the above turnaround time is an estimation. Seasonal turnaround fluctuations (eg. summer and winter holiday, pre-record store day etc) can also affect the total turnaround time.

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