What types of items can I order on Qrates?

You can order your records in Qrates in three different ways. Through a crowdfunding project, pre-order, and in our Sell Catalog.

Crowdfunding Project

Crowdfunding projects set a goal number of orders to collect to press their records. You place your order in a crowdfunding project by backing it to reach its target quantity. We only start pressing records once the crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal and the campaign finishes.

Our estimated turnaround time is approximately 20 weeks plus 1-2 weeks for projects with test pressings. However, please bear in mind that various factors affect the production timeline, such as the project's technical specifications, when we receive the pressing assets, and the schedule of the pressing plant.

Once the records are pressed, they are sent from the pressing plant to the Qrates Storage selected for the project. After its assembly, your order will be delivered to you.

Crowdfunding items are not eligible for our combined shipping or separate shipping options.


Pre-order items are records that you can order while still in the production process. Pre-order items are shipped from the Qrates Storage selected for the project as soon the project finishes pressing. 

How soon you can expect your order to ship can vary drastically depending on when during the pressing process your order is placed.

Pre-order items are eligible for our combined shipping and separate shipping options. 

Sell Catalog

Records in our Sell Catalog are readily available to order. Otherwise, the project page will indicate the item is sold out. Once ordered the records ship to you from the project's Qrates Storage. 

The price of a record in our Sell Catalog may differ from its pre-order price (if the project had a pre-order period).

Sell Catalog items are eligible for our combined shipping and separate shipping options.


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