What is a project?

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There are three different types of projects you can create on Qrates. 

Project types

  1. Crowdfunding: 

    A crowdfunding project can be started without any upfront manufacturing fees and must reach its goal amount of pledges in order for the vinyl to get pressed. If your project doesn't reach its goal, backers do not get charged and the vinyl will not be pressed.
  2. Press and Sell :

    Press and Sell projects have the option of creating a pre-order period before retail sales.  The benefit of a pre-order period is that you will be able to collect pre-orders from customers through your Qrates project while the vinyl is being pressed.  Unlike crowdfunding projects, customers who order from a Press and Sell project are guaranteed a record as it does not have a pledge goal amount to reach.  Press and Sell projects require upfront payment in order to start the vinyl pressing process.
  3. Press Only :

    With press only, you can order your vinyl pressing without publishing a crowdfunding or press and sell project on Qrates.  Records can be shipped to 1 location directly from the pressing plant.

Selling inventory with Qrates Storage

Additionally, if you choose to stock inventory in your storage after your pre-order or crowdfunding project, those records can be sold at a retail price and will be displayed as Sell Catalog on your project page until you run out of inventory, at which your project will be sold out.  

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