What is a Press and Sell project?

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Press and Sell projects have the option of creating a pre-order period before retail sales.  The benefit of a pre-order period is that you will be able to collect pre-orders from customers through your Qrates project while the vinyl is being pressed.  Unlike Crowdfunding projects, customers who order from a Press and Sell project are guaranteed a record as it does not have a pledge goal amount to reach.  Press and Sell projects require upfront payment in order to start the vinyl pressing process.

Once Press and Sell records are pressed, any remaining stock not ordered during the Pre-order period goes into Qrates Storage at the artist's chosen shipping center in the UK or the US. During this period, customers can continue ordering records which will ship right away from this shipping center. Press and Sell projects also allow artists to send their vinyl from Qrates Storage to any address of their choosing through simple Send Vinyl requests. As with the Pre-order period, artists can set any price they want for their records during the Sell period. 

To create a new project, either click "Make a record" in the header section of our top page.

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