How much should I price my vinyl?

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Depending on the type of project you choose to start on Qrates, you will have the option to set prices for pledge amount (Crowdfunding), Pre-Order, Retail, and Wholesale.

Effective prices differ for each artist and label but here are some tips to consider when deciding on pricing.

Pledge amount (Crowdfunding)

Pledge amount can be set for Crowdfunding projects with a finite duration. We simply recommend that you set a price your fans can afford.


Pre-order price can be set for press and sell projects with a finite duration.  Entice your fans with an exclusive pre-order discount before retail pricing. 

Best practice: As a starting point, discount your pre-order price 20% from retail.


Retail price kicks in after your pre-order period and is the final price your fans are presented.  Think of it as the price a store would offer.  


Your wholesale price is the price that will be made available for our Store Delivery retail partners.

Best practice: As a starting point, discount your wholesale price 30~40% from retail.

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