Can I set audio preview for my project?

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Yes, you can upload and edit your audio files via Project page design.

How to upload your Preview Tracks.

To set your preview tracks, you can either upload the preview audio file from your hard drive in WAV/MP3 format or you can copy & paste a link to a track you have previously uploaded to SoundCloud.

If you do not wish to make a preview available, just skip this step. Yes, you can upload and edit your audio files via Project page design.

How to upload your audio directly

To add your audio preview, you can upload the file by clicking "Upload preview audio file here (wav or mp3)". The track will be uploaded as just a preview.

How to upload via SoundCloud

To add your preview track using SoundCloud, please click the "Connect SoundCloud" and copy & paste the URL to your SoundCloud track in the designated space. Then, click the “OK” button to complete the step.

After uploading a file

Please fill each track information including the track name, artist name, and track length to complete. Please note that full track duration will be needed when uploading a short preview. Also, you can arrange your track orders by drag & drop.


Other questions about Sample Audio

Can I limit the streaming time?

Not at this point. Only full streaming is allowed. Please upload a short clip of your track if you want to limit the streaming time. When we actually press your vinyl, we will ask for the full-length audio.

What sound quality are the streams on Qrates?

Streamed audio will be in 96kbps.

Can I embed my music on blogs etc.?

We don't yet have a Qrates player that can be embedded.  This is something we are working on.

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