Can I change my shipping or billing information?

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If you need to change your shipping or billing information, you may do so until 2 weeks of the estimated shipping date of your vinyl.

To change your shipping or billing information,

  1. Open your Order history

  2. Select the project you wish to change the shipping address or sort under Reserved or Paid.

  3. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Edit button
  4. Update your shipping or billing information and Save changes

Please note that each address update only applies to the current order you are editing and does not apply to previous or existing orders.  Address updates that affect shipping fees may require a refund or extra payment and are not supported through the method above.  If you are looking to update the shipping address for an existing order that has surpassed its editable window or affects the shipping fee, please contact us with your Order ID and the address you would like to update to.

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