Stock Vinyl Transfer Request Shipping Policy

Updated 2 years ago by Support Team

What happens if a stock transfer request arrives damaged or is lost in transit?

We take great care when shipping all of our vinyl records, but occasionally due to factors outside of our control, a record may arrive damaged or get lost in transit.  In these instances, please contact us through our contact form sending photos or videos of the damage when applicable and we will provide a refund for the cost of the record as well as the cost of the stock transfer request to the artist.  While each instance will be determined on a case by case basis, please see our Cancellation, Refund and Replacement Policy for more information on our decision making process as well as the amount of time necessary to wait before a shipment is considered as lost in transit.

What happens if a stock transfer request is returned to sender?

Similarly to our policy for retail customers, if your order is returned to sender we can re-send it to an address of your choosing. Please note, in these instances you will be charged the cost of shipping from our shipping facility to the address you choose.

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