What is a test press?

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Test pressings are something that we recommend if you want to check the overall quality of the cutting before moving on to the production of the vinyl records. Test Pressings are optional and are available for orders over 100 copies.

When you choose test pressings for your project, we send you 5 test pressings that you can listen to and approve. 12" and 7" test pressings are heavy black vinyl with white blank labels only. 10" test pressings are standard black vinyl with white blank labels only. Once these have been approved, then we can continue to the rest of the production. If you are not happy with the test pressings, we will assess the situation and determine how to proceed.

If a problem happened at the pressing plant that resulted in audible errors in the pressing, we will re-cut the test pressings using a new master (if required) and send them to you for your approval free of charge. 

Occasionally, errors outside of the pressing plant’s control can happen.  For example, an incorrectly prepared master source might lead to sound issues when pressed.  In such cases, we will request payment for the cutting of a new master stamper and new test pressings as well as the shipment of the test pressings before proceeding with any new audio submissions.

Both for projects with and without test pressings, we consider the audio that you submit to us through your dashboard page to be your final audio.  If you decide to change your project’s audio at any point after submitting it to us, please be aware that your project may be delayed and charges for cutting a new master, test pressings, and/or any printing fees may be requested before proceeding with production.

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