What to do if a customer contacts you directly about their orders

Updated 7 months ago by Support Team

We do our best to make the vinyl pressing, shipping, and fulfillment process as seamless as possible from start to finish. That said, occasionally a customer may overlook our help documentation or contact information and reach out to you (the artist) directly with a question about their order.

As our customer support team is best equipped to handle any customer questions, please feel free to direct the customer to our contact form or provide them with our customer support email address: support@qrates.com

We recommend against coordinating a customer's question through your project dashboard as our customer support team can provide the most direct assistance. If you would like to read a bit more about the services our customer support team can provide, please take a look at the following help documentation: https://support.qrates.com/category/mkabdHO89k-fans

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