What is numbering?

Numbering is a written or printed number on your outer sleeve that can add character to your record and highlight how limited the pressing of your record is. Hand numbering and machine numbering are the options available for your selection. For Crowdfunding and Make & Sell projects, please note that we're currently unable to guarantee the shipment of specific numbered copies to a specific address/order (sending the copy numbered with "1" to a specific address for instance).

Numbering Placement

The placement of the numbering can be anywhere in the outer sleeve, depending on its overall design and your taste. You will be required to submit a file (JPEG or PDF) showing the placement of the numbering in the outer sleeve, like in the sample image below.

The numbering cannot be placed on the vinyl labels.

Types of Numbering

Hand Numbering

Manually written by hand, hand-numbered outer sleeves can be in black ink, white ink, or red ink.

Machine Numbering

Machine numbered outer sleeves can only be printed in black ink. Please note that machine numbering is not available for black discobags.

Check out our Vinyl Studio to see different available options for your record.

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