How and when will I receive my revenue?

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How to check my project's revenue?

You can check your revenue on the PAYMENTS section of the project's dashboard. 

To go in this page simply: Login to Qrates > Project Dashboard > Payments > Wallet & payments

How to request my revenue?

To request your revenue: Login to Qrates > Project's Dashboard > Payments > Wallet & payments > Request Revenue

Please note that the REQUEST REVENUE button is only accessible once your records are shipped.

If the requested amount is over 1 million Japanese yen (approx. $10,000/€9,000/£8,000), we will transfer your revenue via multiple PayPal transactions due to PayPal regulations in Japan.

When can I request my revenue?

For Crowdfunding projects:

Your revenue can be transferred once the pressing process has finished and the records have shipped from the pressing plant.

For Make & Sell projects:

Your revenue can be transferred once the manufacturing process has finished and your records or cassettes have shipped from the production plant.

When will I receive the revenue?

Revenue transfer is usually processed within 3-5 working days after the request is placed.

Please note that bank holidays and weekends are not classified as working days.

If you need further assistance, please get in touch with our support team directly.

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